LE23 – Passive Optical Network

LE23 Requirements

Several powerful forces are motivating MSOs to re-architect their access networks with higher performance technologies. These include…
1. Proliferation of connected devices, incuding TVs, Smart phones and tablets
2. Competitors building Gigabit networks over fiber
3. Expected dramatic expansion of OTT applications


Fortunately, cable MSOs are well positioned to address these types of forces. They can leverage their signficant customer base, as well as their incumbency in cabled networks, by building out their network and IP infrastructure with new access technologies. This will prepare their networks for the explosive residential IP access bandwidth we will require in near future.


Upgrding the existing network to DOCSIS 3.1 can meet today’s bandwidth needs but would not serve long term needs. Bandwidth upgrades require more fiber in the network and node splits, making MSOs invest twice. Cheaper and more recent technologies like IEEE 802.3bn using the latest modulation techniques like OFDM and FEC technologies like LDPC will bridge this temporary gap more cost effectively. The MSO can use these coax data technologies to implement Fiber to the Node as a first step.

In the longer term however, it is clear that (FTTH) Fiber to the Home using Passive Optical Networking is the only option for MSOs to migrate to a reasonably future proof network.


LE is ready TODAY to help MSOs make the first leap to FTTN and then continue their migration to FTTH.

Interface 5* 10/100 Mbps auto negotiation RJ45 LAN port
Data Rate Upstream Downstream 100Mbps + 150Mbps Wlan 11n/bgn
Wireless Distance Radio ranges upto 50m
RF output power 20 dbm
LED WAN,4*LAN,Wireless
POE 35v/2A reverse power from WAN port IEEE 02.3at
VLAN IEEE 802.1q tag VLAN support over WLAN and LAN
Antenna 1 antenna N type connector


Standard IEEE 802.11a, 802.11b, 802.11g, 802.11n, 802.11ac
Advanced Features Remote Management over secure SSL socket layer
4 Port managable switch
Web console
Configurable as AP or Client
SSH secure server for remote access
Frequency Range 2.400~2.483GHz
Operating Channels 1~14
Receiver Sensitivity 90 dbm
Security 64-bit, 128-bit, 152-bit WEP Encryption
802.1x Authentication
AES-CCM & TKIP Encryption
WPA, WPA2 (CellNode M100N)
Operating system Linux
Management Managed by Web and OAM
Real time statistics, Optical Diagnostic, System Log
IGMP Snooping