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Our Mission

We have seen even large companies pleading before overseas  CAS companies for technology which is 20 years old  and not a big deal at all. We are seeing these overseas CAS companies take away icon-300-dpihundreds of millions of Dollars for technology which is not even worth (from a development cost perspective) one hundredth of that amount.We have seen these CAS companies delay product launches of these large MSOs by several months just because features were not developed / delivered in time.



We believe

  1. We believe that Indian companies are now ready to provide these technologies very easily.
 2. We believe that unless the manufacturing shifts to  India from a design level, things are are not going to  change. We are committed to bring as much of a value  chain to India as possible so that we can grow with other like minded companies that are working hard to set up their supply chains here in India.                                                                             


Our Strength

Delivery on time
After sale services
Quality of products
Up gradation of products

What Excites Us About The Future?

Logic Eastern believes that over 7000 Digital headends that feed over 70k Local Cable Operators (perhaps the most entrepreneurial and jugaadu breed of people ever seen) is a TREMENDOUS opporunity for us. Especially now that these LCOs are under pressure from the reduction in incomes from the Digitization effort.

Logic Eastern dreams of a near future where these LCOs would be enabled to use their existing HFC Plants to deliver IP services to their subscribers of many decades. Once these IP pathways are established, suddenly a wide variety of options open up. VoIP, Surveillance, Internet Delivery, E-Commerce, Video Conferencing … the possibilities are endless.


Logic Eastern wants to be a key enabler of this IP world with devices that are specifically designed for this space. It is developing products like Ethernet Over Coax Modems, Fiber Optic Ethernet Switches, IPTV Set Top Boxes, VoIP devices, Video Phones … all integrated and inter-operational in one consolidated management and operations HW/SW framework.

First step in this direction is to enable the MSO/LCO today to ride the Digital TV storm.or this LE provides low cost Set Top Boxes with integrated Conditional Access Software, Subscriber Management Software and Revenue Generating Middleware.